Samples by channel

Responsible for developing content for a variety of emails used for acquisition, retention, and campaign drivers.

First subway campaign plus direct mail.

I worked with our product managers and product designers to develop product copy for our website and apps, as well as product copy for our actual food. We used acquisition landing pages to drive traffic to the website as well as promotional landing pages to highlight value props and new offerings (like snacks).

I worked collaboratively with our social media manager and designers to develop content for FreshDirect’s growing social channels. Below are examples where my copy was used to highlight new products, promotions, and blog posts.

While blog content was not a priority at Freshly while I was there, I used campaigns as opportunities to write content that enhanced the customer experience, including seasonal recipes, wellness tips, and nutrition deep dives.

PROJECT: Freshly’s First TV Spots
We worked with Quirk on national TV spots, testing two concepts: our co-founders speaking to Freshly’s value props and a couple discovering they don’t have to cook anymore.