Movie Review: Up

Are you ready for another more-or-less plotless (and purposely spoiler-less) review? This weekend, I saw the new Disney Pixar animated feature Up (which I keep typing as UP and should therefore be officially changed) about an old man and his Wilderness Adventurer (read: boy scout) friend floating a house to South America with balloons. It only gets better from there. Continue reading

Movie Review: Star Trek

When I walked into the theater, I signed an invisible contract that said, if I enjoy the movie, I then have to sit through every last episode of Star Trek. And that contract was written up by my dad, the Star Trek Expert/Temporary Contract-Writing Lawyer. But this is not going to be a nerd review. I am not nerd-qualified. Despite being the daughter of a Trekkie, I’m only really familiar with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Which means that I used to run around the house with a head band over my eyes pretending to be LeVar Burton, and I know more about Wesley than Chekov. But I can say this: hardcore Trekkie or just an action fan, if there’s one thing everyone is going to leave the theater wondering after seeing Star Trek, it is… Continue reading

Cherry Blossoms Are in Bloom at the Botanic Gardens

I’ve written about my visits to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden before, but I just wanted to offer a refresher since the Sakura Matsuri festival is this weekend (May 2nd and 3rd). If you’re free and in the area (yes, Manhattan counts as “in the area”), you should check out the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Just look how happy I am about it. It kind of looks like I photoshopped myself into that picture, doesn’t it? It’s true. I only have one picture of myself smiling and I just superimpose it whenever I can. Continue reading

Movie Review: Adventureland

Set in Pittsburgh in 1987, Adventureland is centered around the life of James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg), a recent college grad who finds himself working at a local amusement park for the summer to save money for grad school at Columbia rather than vacationing in Europe with his well-off college friends. He falls for Em (Kristen Stewart), a fellow Games booth-worker and NYU student (Columbia, NYU…you see where this is going). She’s complicated, as they always are, and the plot doesn’t actually have much to it, I realize, now that I’m sitting down to write about it. The movie slowly (yet comfortingly) follows James as he works a shit job despite having a brand new degree, tries to lose his virginity, falls for a girl he doesn’t actually know anything about, and bonds with other kids working the aforementioned shit job but with fewer post-summer prospects. Continue reading

New Year

On the night of the party,
looking out from the 8th floor,
someone asked,
Do you feel you’ve made it?
Do you look at all this and know
you’ve made it?

The inside of me said, No,
said, Where?
(The inside, like bluish tar,
talks fastest, longest.)

After, when I hadn’t left the apartment in a week,
I rested elbows on the windowsill,
breathed onto the glass a white fog.
Around me: the silence that comes only
from completely dark apartments.
Outside sounded like everything.

I opened all the windows wide,
removed screens, quickly but one at a time,
and didn’t fall.

Yes, I’ve made it, maybe.
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Movie Review: “Milk”

To preface my review, I’d like to note that Shawn, Anne, Steph, and I had the most approproate sighting ever at the theater. Simon Doonan (in a black [possibly faux] fur coat, obviously) and Jonathan Adler arrived fashionably on time (unlike Anne and I, who arrived 50 minutes early) and were forced to sit in the front row, as the show was sold out last Saturday evening. [There seems to be some debate about whether Simon was in a fur coat, because Shawn likes to argue. I stand by my story and I request that Simon contact me with the nature of his coat immediately.] Continue reading