In Common

In Common

My father dove through the sky 19 times—
once while I watched.
No more than four, I only remember his last ten feet
and then ground, the parachute like a dress around him.

Now, on a drive up to Sacandaga Lake:
a diver swimming down toward the trees,
lazily falling like a belated gift.
The colors of his fall were an amusement park,
his chute a ferris wheel and his body a lollipop.

He said, He’s an amateur;
the trained like to dance in the sky,
playing all the way down—flips, tricks. 
(At 10: With an umbrella, he jumped off the roof,
trying to fly. Broke leg, mother’s nerves.)

I always took the first jump, with anything;
none of my kids are that way.
It’s true—I will never fall from a plane.
A roller coaster drops my stomach,
no recovery from Down to Up.

It’s too fast for that, your insides unaware.
You drop your hands from the side of the plane
and you feel like you’re floating—
you’re actually just going down, too quickly.
You don’t even know that you’re falling.
A familiar feeling.

Movie Review: Moon

It would have behooved me to write my review of Moon yesterday, since it was the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon, but. Well. I wrote about government  cheese instead so I think that that’s enough of a memorandum. Despite the seeming impossibility of this request, spoilers are at an absolute minimum since it’s a very spoiler-able movie. Though, I am happy to provide the main spoiler: Sam Rockwell is hot. Sorry! Ruined the ending for everyone!Continue reading “Movie Review: Moon”

Smith Street Fair

We went to the Smith Street Fair in Carroll Gardens, a scaled-down version of the Atlantic Antic because we originally wanted to catch the Stinkfest ’09 cheese-eating contest, but by the time we had walked around (and eaten our weight in festival food), we weren’t prepared to wait around. Plus, Mr. Softee was calling our names like the tempting devil he is. Continue reading “Smith Street Fair”

The Hangover Reviewed (Somewhat Angrily)

I’ve been keeping an eye out for The Hangover since March. I love Ed Helms. I love Zack Galifianakis (so much so that I didn’t even have to check how to spell his name). I love Bradley Cooper. I love Mike Tyson. (What?) Win-win-win-awkward win, right? I don’t want to spoil the post by giving my coveted rating so soon, but I only give this movie a 70 out of 100. Why did you make me do that, The Hangover? I really wanted to love you. (I’d usually point out the spoilerlessness of my review, but you’ve basically seen the entire movie in trailers by now, I assume, making it sort of impossible for me to spoil anything.)Continue reading “The Hangover Reviewed (Somewhat Angrily)”

Movie Review: Up

Are you ready for another more-or-less plotless (and purposely spoiler-less) review? This weekend, I saw the new Disney Pixar animated feature Up (which I keep typing as UP and should therefore be officially changed) about an old man and his Wilderness Adventurer (read: boy scout) friend floating a house to South America with balloons. It only gets better from there.Continue reading “Movie Review: Up”

Movie Review: Star Trek

When I walked into the theater, I signed an invisible contract that said, if I enjoy the movie, I then have to sit through every last episode of Star Trek. And that contract was written up by my dad, the Star Trek Expert/Temporary Contract-Writing Lawyer. But this is not going to be a nerd review. I am not nerd-qualified. Despite being the daughter of a Trekkie, I’m only really familiar with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Which means that I used to run around the house with a head band over my eyes pretending to be LeVar Burton, and I know more about Wesley than Chekov. But I can say this: hardcore Trekkie or just an action fan, if there’s one thing everyone is going to leave the theater wondering after seeing Star Trek, it is…Continue reading “Movie Review: Star Trek”

Cherry Blossoms Are in Bloom at the Botanic Gardens

I’ve written about my visits to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden before, but I just wanted to offer a refresher since the Sakura Matsuri festival is this weekend (May 2nd and 3rd). If you’re free and in the area (yes, Manhattan counts as “in the area”), you should check out the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Just look how happy I am about it. It kind of looks like I photoshopped myself into that picture, doesn’t it? It’s true. I only have one picture of myself smiling and I just superimpose it whenever I can.Continue reading “Cherry Blossoms Are in Bloom at the Botanic Gardens”

Movie Review: Adventureland

Set in Pittsburgh in 1987, Adventureland is centered around the life of James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg), a recent college grad who finds himself working at a local amusement park for the summer to save money for grad school at Columbia rather than vacationing in Europe with his well-off college friends. He falls for Em (Kristen Stewart), a fellow Games booth-worker and NYU student (Columbia, NYU…you see where this is going). She’s complicated, as they always are, and the plot doesn’t actually have much to it, I realize, now that I’m sitting down to write about it. The movie slowly (yet comfortingly) follows James as he works a shit job despite having a brand new degree, tries to lose his virginity, falls for a girl he doesn’t actually know anything about, and bonds with other kids working the aforementioned shit job but with fewer post-summer prospects.Continue reading “Movie Review: Adventureland”