Number & email acquisition

I owned the content design for user experiences around contact points (outside of those used for security purposes only), and optimizing acquisition and management flows across the family apps. These experiences were closely tied to increased revenue, legal and privacy regulation, user account access across Meta, and innovation around device and profile signals, all requiring a deep product knowledge and understanding of data storage, machine learning models, and government regulations.

Confirming across accounts

Signal-driven content

We used device signals, contact point states, and activity between user-linked accounts to determine a user’s needs around phone number and email management, surfacing this info for them in clear and compliant ways. (The clear and compliant part was my job, along with following design and brand standards and optimizing performance.)

UX optimizations
Content testing
Adding option for confirmation via WhatsApp
Confirmation flow UI updates

Contact point updating

Help center updates
Non-user contact point deletion flow

Updates to disclosure language for acquiring contact points across apps