Body, she’s me

Body, she’s me. Shadow, that’s mine.  Her ample armsfluffy marshmallowy whiteembrace you.A soft hug that reminds you of what you’ve been meaning to remember.I was there.  At the beach, she’s as big as the ocean.her sandy thighs ripple like wavesas she drops to the ground and crosses her legs. She engulfs the shadows of seagulls. I swallow the scene. Continue reading “Body, she’s me”

Mad Belly

Mad belly,shaking volcano. Laughing moves earth,breaking ground.Up and down vibratingsound, like thunderclapsand breaking waves.  Heaving, growing,climbing for freedom.  Soft hotsoil fallsfrom your fingers.  Wild earth, fleshy feminine. Down belowbodies are buzzing. You make me quake. 

Big Friends

Back then, we were other people. Your old-you met my old-meand we heard us click into place. Growing apart and back together—intertwining vines, dirt-packed back roads, a multi-colored ball of yarn—we’re at our fullest at the intersection.We’re always together at crossroads.  Our appetites have grown as we’ve devoured everything in our paths. Gobbling up belly laughs, licking our plates clean, moaning withContinue reading “Big Friends”