I spent 4.5 years at FreshDirect crafting everything from product descriptions and emails to box inserts and print ads (and everything in between—and I do mean everything). As the sole copywriter for most of my career there (and eventually managing editor of freelancers, interns, and an in-house copywriter), I was an integral part in shaping the brand into what it is today as viewed by the growing customer base—a fresh, fun, innovative food-tech company, on top of trends and influencing (and dominating) the online delivery market.

Social and Video

Highlights from Instagram and Facebook plus digital acquisition videos.

Print Work

A sampling of brochures, box inserts, subway ads, and direct mail.


A sampling of emails that gave customers reasons (and promotions) to keep them coming back.


My authored blog content covered everything from highlighted promotions and integrated partnership content to tips, inspiration, and producer stories.

Website and Mobile

My most prolific work covered product copy (website and apps) for the business, including food descriptions (fresh and private brand items, including labels), promotional landing pages and banners, sweepstakes, UX, “help” and emergency messaging, and customer service language (from chat templates to scripts for voice shots).