A snapshot of some of my previous freelance work, including articles from my time as an editor at Wetpaint (plus some article titles I wouldn’t dream of making up).

April 2017: Foreword for “Spoiled Milk” on The Photographic Journal, a photo essay covering the symbols of privilege.
Fall 2016: Brand positioning for SeatGeek.
Summer 2016: Product descriptions for Penrose Hill, a wine delivery service.
Summer 2016: CBS email copy (below)



At Wetpaint.com I served as a contract editor, managing freelancers and internal copywriters and writing content to drive traffic. Our articles featured gossip and entertainment content around popular current TV shows (Jersey Shore, Pretty Little Liars, Dancing with the Stars) with a voice geared toward a young female audience.

The highlight of my time there: The Situation retweeting two of my articles, leading to a traffic spike. Wonder what he’s up to…

The Situation Retweet

Below is a sampling of articles I wrote for sites that have since removed their old content or transitioned to new brands. Unfortunately, this was a time when I thought everything on the internet would last forever and neglected to get clips. All that remains is a really old flip phone photo of Queen Latifah and this random assortment of article titles.

Seamless “Delivery Bag”
A collection of local restaurant reviews, including:
-Today’s Brooklyn Order: Zaytoon’s (May, 2010)
-Today’s Brooklyn Order: Plan B (May, 2010)

MyYearbook.com’s myMag Articles:
-Queen Latifah and Common Discuss Just Wright (May, 2010)
-Interview with She’s Out of Your League‘s Alice Eve (March, 2010)
-VH1’s Sober House: Exploitative or Enlightening? (March, 2010)
-Losing a Parent (March, 2010)
-Wearing a Bathing Suit at Any Size (September, 2010)

[I wrote these at 24. I’m still not married.]
-Choosing a Wedding Location (July, 2009)
-Choosing a Wedding Date (July, 2009)
-Guide to At-Home Weddings (July, 2009)
-Dealing with Wedding Stress (July, 2009)
-Planning Your Budget (July, 2009)