Linda is great to work with. She brings a lot of insight to every project and true passion and ownership of the content she provides. She’s open minded and puts herself in the mindset of the intended audience and works proactively in her creative approach. She is an asset to any organization.

Chris K., Creative Services Director

Linda was one of my first hires at FreshDirect and she turned out to be one of the most valuable ones. It was a pleasure to watch her grow and develop as a marketer in such a fast paced and sometimes ambiguous environment. Linda is very engaging both within her department as well as those she collaborates with. The growth of FreshDirect is owed a lot to the talents and efforts that Linda put on display every day. She’s also a super nice person to boot. I hope to work with her again in the future.

Dave F., Senior Recruiter

Linda started out at FreshDirect in an Associate position, and the fact that she has risen to the position of Senior Copy Manager in such a short time, is a testament to her great ability, and work ethic. She is someone whom I have come to rely heavily on for various internal projects, task coordination, communication, and liaising between teams. Her positive attitude, and willingness to tackle any task head-on is a great asset for any company!

Salman B., Senior System Engineer

I worked with Linda at FreshDirect when she was in the role of Sr. Copy Manager. Linda has a great spirit and is extremely savvy with communications. Her ability to connect with the customer is uncanny. I highly recommend Linda’s capabilities to anyone interested in communications with an innovative spin.

Josh G., Head of IT Project Management

Linda and I worked on producer stories, lifestyle copy and blog posts. Linda asks the right questions to focus on the essence of the message and with enough background to make the piece relevant. She does her research and keeps the casual reader interested and the student informed.

Ken B., Senior Category Merchant

Linda is an extremely talented writer. I was thoroughly impressed with her professionalism from start to finish; her enthusiastic personality also made her a joy to work with on her projects. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a trustworthy, creative and intelligent writer.

Kate H., Entertainment Journalist

Linda was my trainer at SeamlessWeb during the spring of 2010. As my trainer, she also assisted me in a supervisory type of role. She is without question competent and efficient at her work, and I always found her extremely knowledgeable whenever I had questions. I am grateful for the experience of working with her. If there is a need for a dependable employee, then I recommend Linda.

Jason P., Copy Editor

Linda isn’t the kind of person who clocks in, does the job and calls it a day. She is a person who observes critically and sees clearly. In my team, she used these abilities to actively analyze systems, question the status quo and seek newer, better, more efficient processes. She’s quick to learn and take ownership of new products, projects and skills, and easily creates relationships across the organization that allow her to succeed.

Leitha M., Senior Director of eCommerce