Creative and insightful, I could always depend on Linda for developing copy with impact. She has a keen understanding of the customer as well as marketing strategy and has been an asset in any help I needed when I oversaw digital marketing at FreshDirect. Linda would be a great asset to any company that’s looking for bold, fun, humorous, and relevant copy and content.

Andrea C., Marketing Director

Linda is an excellent writer with not only the creativity to produce high-quality work but the critical thinking necessary to fully understand the “why” behind it. She’s not afraid to ask the tough questions and leads by example in every task she undertakes. She’s highly professional and an incredibly genuine person that anyone would be lucky to work with.

Tim D., Copywriter

Linda is a leader when it comes to creative, copy, and strategy and it was a highlight of my career to work alongside her. Her approach to managing allowed me to grow as a writer while also guiding me in the direction of self-sufficiency and independence. Her ability to meticulously digest and translate briefs into creative direction allowed her team to consistently produce outstanding creative.

Brad C., Copywriter

On a number of occasions Linda and I have worked together during business crises requiring long hours spanning nights and weekends. Her commitment to seeing those challenges through—delivering clear, on-point copy as fast as needed in rapidly-changing situations—is truly remarkable. And her ability to stay even-keeled and keep her sense of humor during those times has helped me get through them as well. On top of that, she consistently produces fun, insightful, on-brand copy. She always asks the right questions of marketers, merchants, and technology staff to best help them tell their stories to our customers. Linda has a genuine knack for clarifying the complex, and a gift for concision that somehow always leaves room for wit. She is a great teammate.

Dave G., Senior Director of Marketing Operations

Linda was an amazing manager. Not only was she great at her job, but she was also great to work with. She gave detailed instructions on the various assignments, and was always there to help when I had questions. I truly found myself excited to go into work every day. It was always a fun time to work alongside Linda, because while she always took work seriously, she still let her sense of humor shine through. Overall, it was a pleasure to work for Linda and I know that she would be a great addition to any team.

Athanasia E., Copywriting Intern

I’ve worked closely with Linda at FreshDirect for four years. As Senior Copy Manager, she has played a critical role in the success of my go-to-market strategy—supporting new product launches and strengthening the brand message across my Dairy & Grocery categories. She has her finger on the pulse of the food industry and is continually focused on driving sales and improving processes. Her responsiveness and diligence make her a reliable and strong team member. She’s also a doll to work with—conveys open-mindedness and respectfully considers differing opinions even in stressful situations. Her positive demeanor is refreshing!

Marissa, Senior Category Merchant

First off, Linda’s copy is top-notch. That’s because she invests herself fully in every project, whether it’s a complex recipe, a travelogue-like blog post about fishing, or a tricky bit of marketing-speak, Linda gathers info voraciously, to the point of expertise. Then she delivers pieces that are approachable, on-brand, and fun to read. As a colleague, Linda is a rigorous adherent to good process and a vocal change agent. She’s good in a brainstorming session for her contributions and as her respect for others. Her consumer savvy, razor-sharp wit and insight make her an ideal team member and manager for any organization smart enough to have her around.

Philip E., Brand Manager

I really can’t say enough good things about Linda. She was an excellent point of contact while I freelanced for FreshDirect, through several product launches. Deadlines, guidelines and key product talking points were all clearly communicated with me. Linda was quick to reply to questions and her feedback was always constructive and actionable. Her dedication to excellent copy never came across as micro-management, rather as a standard you were joyfully encouraged to meet. Truly, her kind personality, professionalism and humor made it an honor and a joy to work with her and I will happily to do so again.

Tomiko P., Freelance Copywriter

I worked closely with Linda for over four years at FreshDirect and she was one of the most passionate, thoughtful, and organized coworkers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She cares deeply about the quality of her work and that shows each and every day. We worked as a team to manage FreshDirect’s content management system and various site updates/improvements. I could always rely on Linda to execute her half of a project on time. Linda was a great asset to FreshDirect and I recommend her highly.

Bill H., Senior eCommerce Manager

Linda is one of the best editors I’ve had the pleasure to write for. Her keen sense for copy comes through not only in her own work, which is smart, funny, and fresh, but also in what she expects from others. She gives insightful, useful feedback and clearly articulates what she expects from the writers she works with.

Travis F., Freelance Copywriter