Linda’s creative capabilities are engaging, collaborative and market driven. She contributed to our organization’s Mission and Vision statements as well as major product marketing campaigns. She would a leadership asset to any team.

Bob C., VP of Procurement

Linda is the most unique, passionate copywriter I’ve worked with because she deeply believes that writers need to understand the “why” behind a concept to elevate it. I valued her strategic mindset not only because of the copy it produced but also because of the thoughtful considerations and viewpoints she’d mention in kickoffs, ensuring the entire team would be more likely to succeed. It’s invaluable to have someone like Linda, who not only wants to create her own best work but also help others to do the same.

Eve R., Sr. Product Manager

I worked with Linda for a short time at Freshly during a time of extreme growth. She worked tirelessly to organize a team of newand seasoned employees, while still focusing on paving a newway forward. I was endlessly impressed with Linda’s ability to juggle multiple tasks wearing many hats.

Claire K., Executive Producer

Linda is easily one of the smartest people I’ve had the privilege of working with. She’s brilliant with words, of course, but what sets her apart is her ability to analyze a brief, see the big picture, and think strategically about how her work will impact a customer at every point of their journey. Whether we were working together on a one-off email or a full-blown campaign, Linda’s deep understanding of our customer’s needs not only strengthened her own work but also the work of everyone involved in the project. Her commitment to strategic thinking, ability to identify gaps in briefs, and witty, fresh approach to writing copy and content makes her the type of person you WANT to be in meetings and work with. She would be an invaluable addition to any team, I can’t recommend her enough!

Nina C., Creative Producer

Linda is a proactive, strategic problem solver. She’s quick, thoughtful and deeply engages her team. Linda is a natural leader and humbly brilliant.

Sarah W., Designer

It’s rare that one gets the chance to collaborate with someone as talented as Linda. I was lucky enough to collaborate with Linda on multiple web and digital product projects at Freshly, where I was continually impressed by her deep understanding and witty command of our brand’s voice, in addition to how that voice should be implemented strategically in content. Ultimately, Linda’s input made my UX work better. Plus, she’s just one of those rare people you actually want to be in a meeting with! I’d be thrilled to work with Linda again and recommend her highly.

Jason K., Sr. Product Designer

An immaculate wordsmith and a gutsy leader. In the time I have worked with Linda, I have seen her move through project briefs with ease and consistently produced amazing work that felt genuine yet fresh and new. She has this uncanny ability of understanding the customer and distilling her strategic thinking into something tangible that genuinely strengthens the brand as a whole. Linda is a force to work with and would be a valuable asset to any team looking for a compassionate and fierce creative.

Andrew M., Graphic Designer

Linda and I worked closely together during our time at Freshly. In my capacity as Senior Manager of Customer Experience, it was a normal occurrence for us to collaborate on crafting custom messaging to be sent out to customers. Linda was truly more than a “normal” copywriter. With Linda, we never just submitted talking points with the expectation that she would turn those into more well written paragraphs; rather, Linda would always dive in 100% and learn the issue in depth so that she knew the subject matter inside and out. This sort of drive and passion from a copywriter is invaluable to crafting high-quality customer facing messaging. Linda is a pro!

Ben S., Customer Service

Linda is an incredibly smart, articulate, and passionate creative. While working together at Freshly, she was able to look at all work from a strategic lens and link pieces together that many were not able to see. I admire her ability to think holistically and confidently defend her work. I am so grateful to have learned from Linda throughout our 2 years together and I know that her talents will be a great asset to any company.

Janie D., Lead Designer

I had the pleasure of working with Linda for a year and a half at Freshly. During that time, I’ve seen her not only excel at the core functions of her job but take on tasks that extend well beyond her role. She is a strategic thinker, always looking to tie the messaging and project back to the larger picture. Linda is a strong leader and mentor who is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get the hard work done—a project manager’s dream!

Caitlin M., Project Manager