Grand Army Plaza’s Food Truck Rally

Every third Sunday from June to October, the Prospect Park Alliance and the NYC Food Truck Association sponsor a Food Truck Rally in Grand Army Plaza. I finally checked it out today, sampling the best trucks before the event’s end next month. (The Atlantic Antic is in October and one can only handle so much street food. Just kidding. Street food is the best.) The trucks encircle the entrance to the park from 11 AM to 5 PM, but things didn’t really pick up until close to 1 PM. Pictures of the food after the jump. Continue reading

Cherry Blossoms Are in Bloom at the Botanic Gardens

I’ve written about my visits to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden before, but I just wanted to offer a refresher since the Sakura Matsuri festival is this weekend (May 2nd and 3rd). If you’re free and in the area (yes, Manhattan counts as “in the area”), you should check out the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Just look how happy I am about it. It kind of looks like I photoshopped myself into that picture, doesn’t it? It’s true. I only have one picture of myself smiling and I just superimpose it whenever I can. Continue reading

Cheryl’s Global Soul

On Saturday, I went to Cheryl’s Global Soul, a fairly new restaurant located on Underhill Avenue between Eastern Parkway and Lincoln Place in Prospect Heights. While we usually head to Tom’s Restaurant for brunch, we had heard great things about the menu at Cheryl’s. It’s located in a convenient spot, just a five minute walk from the Botanic Gardens, the Brooklyn Museum, and the public library. Cheryl Smith, the owner and chef, used to have her own show on the Food Network. Continue reading

A Couple of Prospect Heights Bars

Traveling into Manhattan every day for work means that I usually just stick around to go out. Or, a more recent dilemma, I don’t go out on weekends at all, mostly because I don’t feel like making the commute and paying the money for a cab later. It’s funny how in two years, though, our neighborhood has started to expand. Little restaurants and cafes are popping up all over the place. I’m feeling a little more comfortable with the idea of going out because we’re becoming our own little community. Continue reading