Bad Movie Series: Madagascar 2

So now that the inconsequential election is over, let’s talk about more important things, such as Madagascar 2. I headed to see a preview of the movie last weekend (pre-Obama) and was unimpressed. You may be thinking, What does it take to get a good review around here, huh? Well, a good movie, to start. Where have those been lately? Not that I was banking on Madagascar 2 being the hit movie of the fall but still. Continue reading

Cheryl’s Global Soul

On Saturday, I went to Cheryl’s Global Soul, a fairly new restaurant located on Underhill Avenue between Eastern Parkway and Lincoln Place in Prospect Heights. While we usually head to Tom’s Restaurant for brunch, we had heard great things about the menu at Cheryl’s. It’s located in a convenient spot, just a five minute walk from the Botanic Gardens, the Brooklyn Museum, and the public library. Cheryl Smith, the owner and chef, used to have her own show on the Food Network. Continue reading

Top 10 Weird Movies I Loved as a Kid

So everyone is pretty up in arms over the box-office success of Beverly Hills Chihuahua. How did a movie like this possibly make it to number one, besides the fact that there aren’t any other no-thinking-required movies out during this economic panic and people really don’t like to think during times of crisis? Besides the other fact that kids like to see stupid movies, and while adults might be cutting back on spending, they might still be willing to splurge on a movie for the kids because it’s easier to take them to a movie then have to explain the impending apocalypse? Yes, besides those things, how did this movie dupe so many people into seeing it? Continue reading

A Couple of Prospect Heights Bars

Traveling into Manhattan every day for work means that I usually just stick around to go out. Or, a more recent dilemma, I don’t go out on weekends at all, mostly because I don’t feel like making the commute and paying the money for a cab later. It’s funny how in two years, though, our neighborhood has started to expand. Little restaurants and cafes are popping up all over the place. I’m feeling a little more comfortable with the idea of going out because we’re becoming our own little community. Continue reading