I think the funnest part of life is mixing fancy and guilty pleasures. I’m the Miller High Life of people, and Miller High Life is the champagne of beers—both tasty and cheap.

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

Sing it, Whitman! That guy knew what he was talking about.

I like drawing and painting (when I have room in my apartment), walking around museums and parks (or anywhere new really), and listening to a variety of podcasts. I love trying new places to eat—I’m always in search of farm-fresh veggie dishes as well as the perfect greasy-spoon burger. The same concept applies to my taste in literature, movies, music, and TV (I am more than caught up with the Kardashians). I’m a comedy nerd and can honestly say I’ve never gone to a show that didn’t make me laugh (NYC is saturated with talented people). I always carried around a camera before I had a cell phone, but I’m really glad cell phone cameras are a thing (even if the turn of the century meant my CD, VHS/DVD, and photo collections were kind of a waste of time and money). My book collection, though, has survived 8 moves.

For an extra treat, below you’ll find all the things I listed in my Interests section on a previous website in 2011. I’ve gone ahead and bolded the ones that are still relevant to me today and added present-day notes when necessary.

YA fiction
Really good meatballs
The part in Curly Sue where she eats pizza
Cooking too much for dinner parties and sending people home with leftovers [I live in a studio now ¯_(ツ)_/¯. -Ed.]
Ben Wyatt/Adam Scott, see also Leslie Knope
Ryan Gosling, especially when he does the Dirty Dancing lift in Crazy, Stupid, Love
  Dirty Dancing
  Trader Joe’s [Meh. It was a different time.]
  Painting furniture I got for free [I buy furniture now for the most part.]
  The Hairpin + Videogum [RIP + RIP.]
Leslie Knope, see also: Ben Wyatt
This video of a lady dancing to “Joy and Pain” while a couple fights
Writing irreverent cover letters that only amuse me [Whoa. Déjà vu!]
Finnegan, my pug
  Freaks and Geeks
ABC Family shows that got canceled too soon (Huge, 10 Things I Hate About You) and also, the ones that didn’t (
Pretty Little Liars)
  Bill Hader, especially as Stefon [Stefon got old. Still love Hader though.]
Aziz Ansari, see also: Leslie Knope [Yay, I’m so glad he made Master of None.]
Fruit of all kinds, especially cherries and raspberries
  Reading in bed after a night of drinking [I don’t drink much anymore. But when I do…]
  My Harry Potter email coalition [RIP]
  Circle of Friends and Fried Green Tomatoes, both books and movies
Going to cheap comedy shows in Brooklyn
  Going to concerts and complaining about how old I am [I was an old soul.]
Lilo and Stitch [Fave Disney movie remains the same.]
Roseanne [Holds up impeccably well.]
Ron Swanson, see also: Aziz Ansari [Geez, Parks and Rec accounted for 4 of my interests. RIP.]
Reading about studies and then referencing them later, having no idea where I originally read them [This interest is very much alive and well.]
  Free movies, $6 movies at AMC before 12 PM [Boy, I was really on a budget.]
Peggy’s progression on Mad Men [RIP, Mad Men. Peggy gifs live on in my heart.]
  Bravo reality TV/Andy Cohen [I’ve moved on to more deeply embarrassing reality TV.]
Finding new songs from TV shows and commercials

Conclusion: I’d probably be friends with 2011-Me, as long as she promised not to talk about Parks and Rec.

PS ⁂ is called an asterism.