Cheryl’s Global Soul

On Saturday, I went to Cheryl’s Global Soul, a fairly new restaurant located on Underhill Avenue between Eastern Parkway and Lincoln Place in Prospect Heights. While we usually head to Tom’s Restaurant for brunch, we had heard great things about the menu at Cheryl’s. It’s located in a convenient spot, just a five minute walk from the Botanic Gardens, the Brooklyn Museum, and the public library. Cheryl Smith, the owner and chef, used to have her own show on the Food Network.

Chef Cheryl was there to greet and seat us, and the restaurant was tiny but quaint, with curtains at the entrance and wood paneling along the right side. The restaurant only had about eight tables, but we were seated immediately. The crowd was mostly groups of 20-somethings, and by the time we left, there were quite a few young families being seated.

Cheryl is on the left, probably wondering why I’m taking pictures. BECAUSE YOU’RE FOOD NETWORK FAMOUS, CHERYL. That’s why. And I have a blog. (Neither of those is an acceptable reason.)

I love any restaurant that has a giant elephant on the wall. There was local art featured as well, which rotates regularly.

The cuisine featured comfort brunch food with refined elements. Anne ordered an omelet with caramelized apples and brie cheese, which came with toast, home fries, and a mimosa on the prix-fixe menu. I ordered eggs with chicken sausage (pictured above) with homemade wheat bread. The chicken sausage had onions and cheese mixed in, and the rest of the food was simple and tasty with the freshest ingredients possible. (I’m pretty sure they have chickens laying eggs out back.) The menu also featured lunch items, like a corn beef sandwich with caramelized onions and traditional-with-a-twist soups and salads.

While the brunch menu wasn’t as down-home-y as Tom’s, it was just as inexpensive, with my plate costing only ten bucks before tax including mimosa and unlimited coffee. The atmosphere was simpler, just like the menu, making big impressions with few ingredients. I was also happy to be greeted by the owner, just like at Tom’s, knowing that Cheryl is happy to build her business around customer interaction. The wait staff was pleasant and knowledgeable. I’d definitely recommend you visit for brunch before 12:30, maybe on your way to the museum, because the crowds seem to gather after 1 PM on weekends. Tell Cheryl the creepy girl with the camera sent you…? And then steal the elephant painting.

[Since this original post date, Cheryl’s has become my favorite neighborhood restaurant, and I highly recommend going for dinner one evening. There’s an amazing cheese plate and a bleu cheese and cranberry salad to start. And the pork chop with mango chutney, cheese burger on a brioche bun, and catfish with mac and cheese are to die for. Seriously: Cheryl’s would be my last meal. -Ed., 2011]